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S. P. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Aug 11, 2022
Everyone is friendly and kind here.
Been coming here a few years now.
It's a great place to go. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Fast and friendly workers
K. F. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Jun 30, 2022
J. D. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★May 06, 2022
K. P. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Apr 06, 2022
Beautiful office with a friendly, helpful staff and Dr Williams in wonderful!
B. A. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Apr 04, 2022
Brand new offices! I loved seeing Dr Yaz and his tech from his other office in this efficient and beautiful office. Dr. Yaz is an amazing doctor and always takes the time to explain all of your options and post visit care. One of my favorite doctors!!
K. J. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Mar 30, 2022
I met Dr. Williams after finding out (through an appt with my regular eye doc) that my retina was partially detached. I made the choice to become a patient at his office because he comes highly recommended from anyone I talk to who has retina issues. He performed scleral buckle surgery on my retina to fix my detachment (if you know, you know) and has performed a few preventative (laser) procedures on my other "good" eye. Nothing about eye stuff is pleasant, but I feel I am in the best possible hands with Mohawk Valley Retina. Williams keeps it real and that's what I appreciate about him. He gets to the point and tells facts. I trust him with my vision care wholeheartedly. The office visits are not an in-and-out experience, but I couldn't care less. Maintaining my eyesight is worth a hundred hours in a waiting room.
D. B. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Mar 29, 2022
I recently was seen by Dr. Yazdanyar for a vision problem. From the time I entered the building to the time I left, I received care that was caring and professional. The office staff made me feel comfortable every step of my visit. I felt assured when I met Dr. Yazdanyar that I had chosen the right doctor to take care of my vision problem.
J. C. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Feb 04, 2022
Everyone was so friendly and ran every test in the book on me. Then Dr Williams came in to review them. He took extra time to chat and make me feel good about everything. This was my first time here and is a wonderful place with wonderful Doctors and staff.
J. W. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Jan 24, 2022
Had to have a detached retina operation the doctors were 5 star
B. R. (Verified Patient)
★★★★★Dec 30, 2021
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