Retinal Tears

When a PVD occurs, the vitreous separates from the retina. In some cases, it can pull too hard on a single spot creating a tear in the retina. Retinal Tears can occur in anyone, but are more common in the elderly, in nearsighted individuals or in those with abnormally strong attachments between the retina and vitreous. Some retinal tears are due to trauma.

‚ÄčThe symptoms of a retinal tear are the same as those of a PVD, flashing lights or new floaters. Although the symptoms of a retinal tear are the same as for a PVD, a retinal tear is a much more serious condition. If these symptoms occur, your eyes should be examined. If a retinal tear is discovered, Laser may be indicated. The laser seals the retina to the eye wall, and keeps the tear from progressing to a retinal detachment.

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Retinal Tear and Vitreous Hemorrhage
Repair of Retina Tear with Laser
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